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Cypress Pine Woodchip


Cypress Pine Woodchip Mini is a small 10-15mm honey coloured chip. It is a long lasting mulch derived from sawmill residues, naturally termite resistant and an ideal gardening and landscaping solution.



  • A decorative wood chip
  • Contains natural oils that release a pleasant fragrance through your garden
  • An organic and non-toxic termite repellant
  • A natural weed suppressor
  • Made from 100% Cypress wood, well known for retaining moisture
  • It is long-lasting and durable, protecting your soil from harsh Australian weather conditions
  • Perfect to use with trees and shrubs.

Why add mulch to your garden?

There are many great benefits to adding mulch in your garden such as retaining water in the soil, protecting the top layer of the soil from the sun, regulating soil temperature, replenishing nutrients in the soil, and even promoting earthworm activity in the soil.

Different mulches and wood chip mulches will have different benefits and applications depending on the requirements of the area being mulched. Is the area new with fresh soil and newly planted seeds? Or has it been established for many years? Maybe the mulch is going to be placed in an area of high traffic or extreme weather conditions?

If you are not sure what you need, call us and talk to one of our friendly experts who can give you some advice and help guide you with your decision.

Benefits of using Cypress Pine Wood Chip


The large chip pieces makes this wood chip ideal for situations where you need to control or suppress seeds from weeds germinating in your garden. The chunky pieces have gaps in between to allow for pockets of air to flow through, suppressing diseases in plants, and acts as passageways for water to easily flow through to the soil below. It is also great for areas that are exposed to heavy wind conditions and rain.


Some natural mulches are great for breaking down and releasing it's nutrients into the soil, but depending on the mulch and it's the application, it could ultimately change the pH levels in your soil.

As Cypress decomposes, it will release tied-up nitrogen back into the soil while adding other nutrients to the mix, and will not change the pH level during the process.

Deterrent and Repellent

The natural oils contained in the Cyprus wood chip are a great repellent for termites and also a deterrent for other bugs and reptiles.

Appearance and Fragrance

Cypress mulch is appealing to the senses in both sight and smell. It has a dark brown shading that remains until it has decomposed, suiting many different garden or commercial uses, and releases a pleasant fragrance for a time when it is initially laid.


  • Prepare the area with fresh soil, and if using with plants that have shallow roots, it is recommended to add a layer of compost or fertilizer before adding the wood chip.
  • Thoroughly water garden bed before covering with the woodchip.
  • A good practice is to bring the wood chip out unto the drip link
  • Then with a shovel, scoop up small amounts of the mulch and place it around the area so that it will be easier to level once the job is complete. Best practice is to taper the woodchip thickness down as it nears the base of the tree or shrubs.

Quick tips:

  • To utilize the weed suppression and water retention properties, the soil need to be kept moist by using a thickness of about 10cm.
  • If using for purely decorative purposes, then a minimum of 5cm is suitable.
  • Try to keep a small space around your plants and trees. (how to mulch your tree)
  • Lay your mulch down away from the house. Even though it repells termites, it can be a bridge for other insects to enter the house or property.

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