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Firewood and the 4 Burning Questions


When shopping for goods and services, today’s consumer researches almost everything they buy. From cars to caravans, hotels and hairdressers there isn’t too much we wont scrutinise prior to purchase. So why we wont don’t do this for firewood? Here at Shantana Landscape Supplies we have gathered the most important questions to ask before you purchase your next load of firewood.

Knowing How Much You Are Buying
It is NSW law that firewood is to be sold by the stacked cubic metre and not loose. This ensures that consumers can be confident of the quantity they are buying. If you’re purchasing from backyard sellers with trailer loads or piles of wood, often you are simply paying for empty space as the wood is stacked incorrectly to give the impression of value.

Firewood Moisture Content

We all know that burning green wood isn’t the best idea, but did you know that just because the wood looks seasoned doesn’t always make it so. Here at Shantana, we ensure that our timber is seasoned to a maximum moisture content of 25%, ideally even less than this as we aim for 20% moisture content. This means better, hotter burning wood resulting in less soot and a cleaner fireplace.

Know What You’re Buying

As you know, not all firewood burns at the same rate or at the same temperature. This means that when purchasing mixed hardwood for your fireplace, the end product can really be a mixed bag. At Shantana our wood is seasoned correctly and you will always know what you are purchasing. Often is a private seller is $5 – $10 less per cubic metre it could possibly mean that you are buying wood that burns faster and may not be suited to your fireplace.

Ask The Questions

When in the market for you’re next load of firewood simply ask the questions; What’s the moisture content? Is that cube a stacked cube or is it loose? Where is the wood sourced from and what species are in the wood? Ultimately being more informed will only benefit you. You will be purchasing better quality timber for your home. You will burn more efficiently which will ultimately cost you less in the long term.

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