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Mixed Hardwood Mix


Please note, current stock is not from usual supplier, please read full description  prior to ordering

As the name suggests it is a mix of all different types of Hardwood


2020 has been an interesting year and the combination of Covid and the bush fires from Summer has meant that our supplier has exhausted their stock. As such we have had to source wood from elsewhere. This means that the wood is not FAA Approved.

Each 10 Cubic metres we sell we are moisture testing on site to ensure it is technically seasoned. Season testing is an average of 10 pieces picked at random from the pile. So with all of that said we are noticing some pieces are not seasoned however as they are part of the pile and meeting the guidelines for “seasoned” wood they are sold as such.

Please take this into account when ordering as we wont be accepting any returns based on moisture.

Our Mixed Hardwood Mix is exactly that a blend of seasoned hardwood split and ready to go. A blend of Iron bark, yellow box, red gum and other hardwood varieties. It gives you a wide variety of denser woods to give those good long over night burns and less dense woods good for starting up the fire and getting the fireplace nice and hot.

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