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Winter is Here (Fire in background)
Winter is Here
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Firewood Association of Australia

The Firewood Association of Australia was established in October 2005 to represent the Australian commercial firewood supply industry. The need for a whole of industry representative body was highlighted during the development of the government's Voluntary Code of Practice for Firewood Suppliers. After the Code was accepted by the Natural Resources Management Ministerial Council the next step […]

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5 Myths about Mulch

Even the most experienced gardeners know that one of the best weapons to have in your garden is mulch, which is why we create this amazing bi-product as often as we can. There are so many ways that mulch benefits your garden — it helps to keep weeds from coming up, helps to keep in […]

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Can I grow Sir Walter Buffalo from seed?

Many a lawn owner will compare the price of instant lawn to that of seed when choosing what to line their garden with. Seed is certainly cheaper, but it does require a great deal of patience, skill and luck with the weather to get a perfect lawn from. Nonetheless, with price such a factor in […]

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Firewood and the 4 Burning Questions

When shopping for goods and services, today’s consumer researches almost everything they buy. From cars to caravans, hotels and hairdressers there isn’t too much we wont scrutinise prior to purchase. So why we wont don’t do this for firewood? Here at Shantana Landscape Supplies we have gathered the most important questions to ask before you purchase […]

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