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Coarse Washed River Sand

Most commonly used as a paving sand it has many uses including in concrete mix, mixing through soils to assist in drainage and breaking up the soil as well

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Sydney Sand

A fine washed sand suitable for tiling and exterior rendering, for use around copper and electrical conduit. Also great for use in children's sand pits.

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White Brickies Sand

Fine and fatty bricklayers sand that has an off white colour appearance.This sand is suitable for mortar production and landscaping applications. A clean and workable sand that is relatively lightweight.

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Yellow Brickies Sand

The brickie choice and our most popular brickie sand for brick and block mortar mix. Mixed with either Grey or Off White Cement giving a different colour mortar. This fine soft fatty sand is also ideal for under above ground pools.

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Crusher Dust/ Recycled Filling Sand

Crusher Dust also known as Recycled Fill Sand or cracker dust is a recycled product comprised of crushed bricks, tiles, concrete etc. It is suitable for use as a base for concrete, paving and paths as it compacts down solid. It is also useful for filling in trenches around pipes but is too course to fill around electrical conduit.

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Metal Dust/ Manufactured Sand

Commonly called Blue Metal Dust, our Metal Dust is made from Rhyolite rather than Basalt hence the different colour. Unlike other Dusts ours is actually a Manufactured sand which is made to a higher Specification that most metal Dusts and as such can be used in concrete mixes as well.

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