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Firewood & Fire Place Accessories


By purchasing your wood through a member of the Firewood Association of Australia you can be guaranteed of the quality and quantity of the wood you are purchasing and that it is being sustainably sourced. For more information about the Association click more info below


Our Iron bark mix is made up of 100% Iron bark and nothing else. This is mix is perfect for those wanting to keep the fire burning long and hot through the day and night.


Our Premium hardwood is a step above our Mixed hardwood in that it contains a minimum of 50% Iron bark along with our other seasoned mixed hardwoods. This mix is great for those who want more Iron bark for the over night burns but don't need it to be all Iron bark.


Our Mixed Hardwood Mix is exactly that a blend of seasoned hardwood split and ready to go. A blend of Iron bark, yellow box, red gum and other hardwood varieties. It gives you a wide variety of denser woods to give those good long over night burns and less dense woods good for starting up the fire and getting the fireplace nice and hot.

This 8lb (3.6kg) BONSER tools wood splitter fibreglaass handle A lightweight and durable product. This fibreglass handle with rubber grip is a popular option with its strong core and enhanced grip. It is easy to use and comfortable to swing.

Cow grain split back rigger, wing thumb, stitch-free palm, sizes S, M, L, XL (colour coded cuff for easy identification). Recommended uses are construction, steel handling, cables & coupling, assembly work, maintenance and rope handling.


All our wood listed here is also available as Double Split for those with small heaters or those who just want smaller pieces that are easier to carry. Please ask our friendly staff for more information

Sick of carrying one or two logs into the house? Sick of getting wood splinters all over your clothes? This bag will solve all your problems The Firewood Carrier is constructed using a high quality 20oz waxed canvas using a high quality cotton/poly webbing is sewn around the entire carrier for added strength, with the handles being stitched for added comfort.

Our Flexible Lighters are fantastic to help get that fire going.

  • Electronically igniting with piezo, no batteries required
  • Flame can be set for desirable length with Flame Regulator
  • ABS casting with excellent Anti-Crack properties
  • Refillable

Not able to or simply dont have the time to stack your wood? not a problem as Shantana is now offering a stacking service for our Firewood.

Trouble getting the fire going, our 5kg Handy packs are great to get things going. We support Dare Disability by selling their Kindling products.

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