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Mulch & Manure

Known in industry as Eucy mulch, it is a fine 15mm minus honey coloured chip. It is a long lasting much derived from sawmill residues that gives any garden area a unique colour. Perfect for native and general landscapes, slopes, easy to apply, long colour lasting.


Shantana's 10-15mm Pine bark is a Horticultural Grade Bark which makes it a perfect decorative mulch with the added benefit of both stopping weeds from growing, made from smaller size pieces from the Radiata Pine Tree, turns any garden bed area into an attractive, yet easy to manage area.

A bi-recycled product of plantation timber, the Pine Bark Mini Nuggets are 25mm in size coloured brown and dark orange, are a great choice to use on top of newly established or existing garden beds to help decorate and retain moisture.
The pine Bark mini Nuggets help to give an attractive, uniform look to any garden area, helping to prevent weed growth from happening.

Also known as Leaf mulch is created from the remnants of the tree removal and trimming process, which are put through a chipper shredder, creating an attractive textural covering. Lightweight but dense in composition, this mulch eventually decomposes into a rich compost for your garden.


Currently on special 5 Bags for $20, normally $5.60 per bag that's almost 30% off

Composted and screened
Aged ready for planting
Improves soil structure
Provides broad spectrum nutrients


Cypress Pine Woodchip is a medium (30mm) honey coloured chip. It is a long lasting mulch derived from sawmill residues, naturally termite resistant and an ideal gardening and landscaping solution.


A fine (15mm) honey coloured chip, long lasting Australian Standard mulch; Natural coloured mulches suit Native gardens. This fine textured mulch, easy to spread, soft under-foot and looks great on any garden. (Please note this product is different to our previous Eco Mulch)

Fantastic value for Money- Provides 9m2 of Mulch coverage


Our Mixed Hardwood mulch is a roughly ground dark Hardwood mulch,  great for those who want a long lasting mulch that is responsibly sourced. Comprising mainly of Merbau, Iron bark & Jarrah.

Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Lucerne Nutri-Mulch is Australia’s premium garden mulch. Discover what Australian farmers have known for years about this nutrient rich legume mulch and the added benefit it can have to all gardens including roses, vegetables, fruit trees and other flowering plants.


A blend of 20mm Pinebark and shredded Pine wood, this mulch mix is the perfect balance that wont break the bank. Great for water retention and lasts longer than just straight Pine Wood Chip

Poultry Manure is an excellent soil conditioner and can be used to improve poor soils or to keep soils in top condition. Soils tend to become compacted over time and by adding poultry manure to your garden beds you will assist in keeping the soil loose and airable enabling plants to maintain healthy growth. Composted and screened, of all animal manures, it has the highest amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Spread it around your garden or dig in.

An attractive red colour ‘finishing’ mulch which is excellent around delicate flowers and plants. The ground recycled wood waste screened through a 1/2″ screen giving it a fine texture. The texture and the organic content of this mulch make it an excellent product around seasonal colour beds or a great addition to soils when preparing to plant.

Stai-Brite Black is a 15mm black colour enhanced wood waste product when applied to garden bed areas results in less frequent re mulching and it reduces the nitrogen demand from the soil, thus helps assist plant growth. It is a light garden mulch that mats together well and allows heavy rain to disperse through and under the mulch layer.

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