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Deco Gold

Deco Gold Gravel is a great solution for your paths, driveways and entertainment areas. It is practical for both private and commercial applications and can be cheaper than concrete if you’re laying a big area. Our Deco Gold is made from Rhyolite to mimic decomposed Granite as granite is not naturally Gold in colour.


One of the best things about Deco Gold is it’s a naturally porous product, if laid correctly, water simply drains off the surface. The course granite particles bond together to create a strong base in driveways, which can be further stabilised by mixing with off white cement. It is important to get the mix right, rule of thumb for pedestrian traffic is a minimum of 4% (40kg of off-white cement to a tonne of granite) and for vehicle traffic is a minimum of 8% (80kg of off-white cement to a tonne of granite). When you have the mix right and laid correctly, hammer down with a plate compactor (preferably) until you get it nice and level.

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