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Category: Bagged Products

Bag of Rags

These highly absorbent, all purpose mix, cotton rags will take care of all your cleaning, spillage and staining requirements. Sourced and reclaimed from landfill, these recycled rags help the environment, are cost effective and support Australian charities.

  • All purpose rag for easy cleaning, spillage, staining and polishing.
  • Recycled product - thousands of tons of fabric is reclaimed from landfill
  • Soft colored rag
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Mushroom Compost

Plantcare™ Mushroom Compost is a valuable source of garden nutrition and can be used to improve the quality and fertility of poor and impoverished soils.

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Premium Cow Manure Bags

ANL's Cow Manure is an excellent soil conditioner adding body to the soil. As the manure breaks down, it adds valuable humus to the soil, helping the soil to store nutrients and water.

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Premium Poultry Manure

Poultry Manure is an excellent soil conditioner and can be used to improve poor soils or to keep soils in top condition.

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Sugar Cane Mulch
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Super Compost

Don't have enough quality compost at home, our super compost is just that 100% organic compost, nothing added. It is an ideal soil conditioner or mulch, suitable for natives and exotics which is designed to enrich depleted soils or break up heavy clay soils. It is made by shredding Greenwaste particles, stockpiling for up to six months before being screened to create a compost product vibrant in essential nutrients and good bacteria.


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Organic Potting Mix 25L

Plantcare™ Organic Potting Mix is a rich blend of composted organic materials especially formulated to promote strong and vigorous growth in most indoor/outdoor plants.

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Western (Cowra) Gold Bags 20mm

Smooth round gold pebbles with flecks of copper. Great contemporary landscape and building construction feature used in pedestrian, vehicular pathways, around pools, ponds, water features and as an in-organic mulch in pots and planter boxes.

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