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Sand & Cement


Sand & Cement is a carefully proportioned blend of graded sands and cement, designed for use as a general purpose mortar product. Sand & Cement can be used in certain handyman, landscaping and plumbing applications and is suitable for use with various substrates.




Features & Benefits Features & Benefits

• Sand & Cement is designed for use by both the professional bricklayer and home handy person

• It is ready to use by just adding clean water • Pre-blended quality sand and cement in predetermined ratios to suit multiple applications

• Good for small jobs, convenient & easy to use

• Helps when job site accessibility is an issue

Directions for Use Directions for Use

1. Ensure that the surface the Sand & Cement is being applied to is clean; free of oils, grease, dust and other loose materials

2. Empty the required amount of Sand & Cement from the bag into the selected mixing device • Either a wheelbarrow, concrete mixer or other non-porous vessel

3. Add clean drinking water gradually and blend thoroughly to achieve a workable mix

Note: Excess water weakens the overall strength of the mortar. the mortar. the mortar.

4. Apply Sand & Cement as required to complete the task at hand

5. Allow the Sand & Cement to set to touch dry before finishing with either: a clean damp sponge, steel trowel or wooden float

6. Clean all tools and equipment with water without delay after use Don’t walk on the path, slab or edges for at least 24 hours after placing.

• Allow the mortar to set before finishing with a trowel, flat spatula or sponge depending on the application

• If you wish to colour your Sand & Cement mortar, add the required amount of one of Cement Australia’s suitable* Oxide colours and mix thoroughly. If multiple batches of coloured Sand & Cement mortar are to be mixed, it is important to ensure that all ingredients, especially the Oxide and water, are measured accurately to prevent colour or shade variations.

Storage, Handling & Safety Storage, Handling & Safety

• Care should be taken when lifting bagged products as personal injury may occur. It is suggested that when handling bagged materials, the load is shared with another person

• Sand & Cement contains cement powder which when damp, becomes alkaline and may be harmful to the skin. Avoid breathing the dust and avoid contact with skin and eyes. Suitable protective clothing should be worn at all times including eye protection and gloves

• Sand & Cement should be stored and protected in a dry place off the ground

• The recommended shelf life of cement products is approximately 6 months from date of manufacture. This is provided the product is stored as recommended above. Once opened, the bag should be used that day.

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