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Category: Soil & Compost

Super Grow Garden Mix

SuperGrow Garden Mix is a blend of soil, course sand and composted Humus particles. It helps release nutrients slowly into soil areas that can help grow citrus fruit, vegetables, shrubs, palms, orchids, natives, cacti, succulents, cycads, nuts and grass.

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Complete Vegetable Mix

Shantana's Complete Vegetable Mix is a special soil made up from 30% Composted Soil, 10% Cow Manure, 20% Course Sand, 40% Humus with added Dolomite. Complete Vegetable Mix contains adequate micro nutrients essential for seed growth for flower and vegetable species.

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Premium Top Dressing

A blend of sand, soil and finely screened Soil Conditioner. Nutrient rich Super Top Dressing provides adequate nutrition for approximately six months. Containing organic matter, it also helps to absorb moisture in both the morning and evening periods, providing grass areas with essential moisture for optimal growth.

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Super Compost

Don't have enough quality compost at home, our super compost is just that 100% organic compost, nothing added. It is an ideal soil conditioner or mulch, suitable for natives and exotics which is designed to enrich depleted soils or break up heavy clay soils. It is made by shredding Greenwaste particles, stockpiling for up to six months before being screened to create a compost product vibrant in essential nutrients and good bacteria.


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Premium Turf Underlay

Super Turf Underlay is a specifically designed soil product for all turf development and refurbishment as a free draining medium. Ideal for turf growth and root support, it is also an excellent use to fill in depleted turf areas for regrowth and perfect for stabilising uneven ground areas. This product contains essential nutrients which will help new turf areas to grow quickly, stay healthy and keep the grass greener.

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Screened Top Soil/ Clean Fill

This product is screened to a 10mm minus*, it does not contain any organic matter such as manures or composts and is suitable as a clean fill or a budget underlay.

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Cow and Compost

A blend of premium Compost and premium Cow Manure to help enrich and repair depleted soil. The product can be used for establishing or creating new garden beds and lawns. It can also be used as a surface application to both feed and mulch your garden.

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Mushroom Compost
This compost has been made from wheat straw mixed with horse manure and chicken manure. It has been used to grow one crop of mushrooms , then it is replaced as the mushrooms have finished . This is terrific material which will improve soil structure especially in vegetable gardens . Dig it in before planting , also good as a mulch around fruit trees .
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Organic Ever Green Garden Mix

Shantana's Organic Ever Green Garden Mix is a special soil mix containing coarse sand, composted sawdust, composted pinebark, composted organics and spent coffee grounds. With combining spent coffee grounds, it creates a product that can help rejuvenate garden areas that have suffered from plant disease, burnt off soil areas and can help top up garden bed areas.

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Organic Potting Mix 25L

Plantcare™ Organic Potting Mix is a rich blend of composted organic materials especially formulated to promote strong and vigorous growth in most indoor/outdoor plants.

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Clay Breaker*

Organic Clay Breaker breaks up heavy clay soils by chemical exchange between the clay and gypsum, causing soil to become more friable.

*Please note as this product is not stocked in our yard, please call 4751 3977 to place a special order

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General Purpose Potting Mix*

Our General Purpose Potting Mix® is a potting mix designed for planting of new plants, topping up of existing hanging baskets, planter boxes and new wall units. This mix contains a slow release fertiliser additive to help support the growth of newly and established potted plants including flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, bougainvilleas, succulents, citrus trees, pelargoniums, geraniums and cacti.



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