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Price Beat Guarantee Conditions

Price Beat Guarantee Conditions

To ensure that our Price beat Guarantee remains fair please see below General Terms and Conditions as well as some specific conditions for different categories

General Terms and conditions

1.1 The Price Beat Guarantee (PBG) is being offered by JJ Higgs PTY LTD T/AS Shantana Landscape Supplies as a good will effort to ensure we remain competitive. This Guarantee is only available whilst being offered and may be withdrawn either in whole or in part at any point in time with no notice. To be sure this Guarantee is still available check our website If this page comes up as unavailable this means the policy has been terminated.

1.2 All items seeking to be included in the PBG MUST be identical in every way, for a product to be deemed identical it must be from the same manufacturer/producer, in the same quantity, if pre-packaged be in identical packaging (companies liquidate old packaging and liquidated items are excluded). At the sole discretion of a Director of the company we may include items that are not from an identical manufacturer/ producer, if this is the case the item must be of identical quality, makeup, product type.

1.3 All items must be in stock at both Shantana and the competitor.

1.4 Exclusions include: Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic code-word), Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public), Stock liquidations (i.e. competitor clearance products or goods sold by a business placed into receivership), trade quotes as well as account customers orders.

1.5 Price must include any and all fees, charges and taxes. Including but not limited to GST, payment surcharges, delivery costs.

1.6 If the item is to be picked up then the item requested must be available from a competitors store no more the 25 kms from our store located at 47-49 Lawson Road Springwood NSW 2777. In the event the item is to be delivered the delivery address must be no more than 25 kms from our yard located at 47-49 Lawson Road Springwood NSW 2777.

1.7 Once an item has been approved for the PBG the item must be paid for in full and collected with 2 business days of the approval. At the conclusion of the days trading on the second day the offer is automatically rescinded and a new request must be made. For example if your request is approved on Tuesday you have until COB Wednesday to pay for and collect the item. In the event of the item being delivered payment needs to be made by COB on the next business day with delivery to be organised for within 5 working days.

1.8 Competitor must have a Valid ABN & be registered for GST. We do not price beat on individuals or second hand items. For example someone who has over ordered their gravel and is selling on a place like Gumtree or facebook marketplace.

Specific to Bulk products

1.1 In addition to all 8 sub points in the general conditions bulk items have some specific conditions.

1.2 Quarried items MUST come from the same quarry as those that we source from. Quarried items include Sand, Gravel, Aggregate, Quartz and pebbles. Generic terms such as "Blue Metal" may not be sufficient. In the event Shantana agrees to approve the PBG request for a similar but not identical quarried item, the customer agrees and acknowledges that our product may not be identical in nature. For example the generic term for quarried aggregate "Blue metal" comes form a variety of quarries as such these items will vary in colour whilst all being aggregate we may still however still agree to approve the PBG.

1.3 All other loose material such as Soil and Mulches must be identical in the consistency, make up, quality and material. As an example Garden Mixes will vary a lot from different manufactures and the quality of the material as well as the process involved in manufacturing have varying outcomes to the final quality of the product and as such may not be identical and be excluded from the PBG

1.4 The sale of loose items must be in the same unit of measurement as is sold by us. Soils and mulches are sold by the cubic metre. Gravels, pebbles and sands are sold by the tonne.

1.5 Firewood must be from a Firewood Association approved Seller to ensure quality is of the same level and that volume supplied is the same.

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