shantana sand & soil delivery


Need 1 or 2 or maybe 120 Cubic Meters of Mulch, Sand or Soil but don’t shantana-sand-soil-deliveryhave a trailer or Ute, no stress we have a fleet of delivery trucks with trained drivers ready to assist you getting what you need home.

Whether its a couple of Cubes of Mulch or soil for the garden  or a 10 tonnes of sand for a job we can get it to you with minimal of fuss.

Our delivery rates are not based on the size truck we send either.

Below we have a list of the different size delivery vehicles available, please note ordering small quantities does not guarantee a small vehicle so please ensure you request a small vehicle if you have difficult access. Please note due to the many different mixes of soil we have please call us for soil deliveries


Our delivery Ute is equipped with a tipper unit and can hold 3 Cubic meters of Mulch, 1 Tonne of Sand or Gravel and up to 2 Cubic meters of Firewood, perfect for extreme tight access were trucks just simply wont fit.

Small Trucks

Our most commonly used delivery trucks are the small ones, still able to navigate smaller driveways but with much larger carrying capacity than the Ute.

We have 2 small trucks available both can carry 3.5 Tonnes of Sand or gravel.

Truck #3 can carry up to 4 Cubic Meters of Mulch and 3 Cubic Meters of Firewood,

Truck #5 has high sides and can carry 6 Cubic Meters of Mulch and 5 Cubic Meters of Firewood.

Medium Trucks

We have 2 medium trucks available, these trucks are not always able to navigate tighter driveways so please ensure you have at least 3 Meters of clear access with no over hanging trees or power lines.

Truck #1 can carry 6 Tonne of Sand or Gravel, 10 Cubic Meters of mulch 8 Cubic and Meters of Firewood.

Truck #2 can carry 9 tonne of Sand or gravel, 10 cubic meters of mulch and 9      cubic meters of firewood.

Large Trucks

We also have 2 large trucks. These trucks require the same 3 meters minimum as the medium trucks. Please note these trucks are not always available so please ensure you book in advance.

6 Wheeler can carry 12.5 Tonnes of Sand or Gravel, 12 Cubic meters of mulch and 10 Cubic meters of Firewood

8 Wheeler can carry 16 Tonne of Sand and gravel,  15 cubic meters of Mulch and 13 Cubic Meters of Firewood. (Please call to discuss street access)

Trailer: This Trailer is added to the 6 wheeler and can also carry 20 tonne of sand and gravel, 18 Cubic meters of mulch and 18 cubic meters of Firewood. (Trailer not available without a fully loaded 6 wheeler)

Please call us if you are unsure as if we arrive and we are unable to fit or risk damage to the truck return charges will apply.

When we arrive onsite we will require you to sign for your delivery, we also have delivery conditions to ensure the safety of our staff, our customers and our trucks.

Please click the link below for a copy of those conditions.

Conditions of Sale & Delivery Conditions

Returns Policy