shantana sand & soil delivery


Dear Customers this page is currently being updated as we have made some changes to our fleet, in the interim please call our office

Need 1 or 2 or maybe 120 Cubic Meters of Mulch, Sand or Soil but don’t shantana-sand-soil-deliveryhave a trailer or ute, no stress we have a fleet of delivery trucks with trained drivers ready to assist you getting what you need home.

Whether its a couple of Cubes of Mulch or a few tonnes of Soil for the garden we can get it to.

Pictured here is Truck 3 our smallest truck used for tighter spaces.

We also offer large bulk deliveries with our Larger fleet of trucks


When we arrive onsite we will require you to sign for your delivery, we also have delivery conditions to ensure the safety of our staff, our customers and our trucks. Please see below a copy of those conditions.

Conditions of Sale

The Purchaser acknowledges that the results to be obtained from the use of the products heron are largely dependent upon the purchaser following normal plant growth procedures. The Vendor shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising out of failure by the purchaser to adopt normal plant growth procedure. Under no circumstances shall the vendor be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of the products listed here on in circumstances where the composition of the vendors’ products have been altered in any             manner including but not limited to the addition of extra ingredients after the products have left the vendors premises.

Refund & Returns Policy:

Please take care in what you are ordering as we do not offer refunds for incorrect ordering (This includes but is not limited to asking for something but expecting something else) or if you have ordered too much or simply changed your mind, for these reasons all orders are final and refunds will not be offered for these reasons. Refund will only be offered in accordance to NSW Law. Our full returns policy can be found at

Delivery Conditions

The supplier’s responsibility for the delivery of materials will cease at the kerbside of the job address stated overleaf. If it is necessary for a vehicle to cross the footpath or to enter upon private property in the course of effecting delivery the purchaser will provide safe and adequate access and not withstanding will pay for ALL damage to any public or private property and every injury or wrong which may result therefrom. Shantana does NOT accept any responsibility or liability for any damage. Drivers are instructed to assess all areas prior to tipping or unloading, please note drivers must adhere to a strict WH&S policy and if the driver does not feel it is safe to tip in the location of your choice you must select a safer position for the delivery of goods. If you are not satisfied with thi8s than the driver will return to the yard and you will forfeit your delivery charge and also be charged an additional delivery charge. If a driver agrees to tip in a location selected by the customer and is unable to get out, the customer MUST make arrangements for the safe removal of the truck including any fees.

If you are unable to accept or refuse to accept these conditions and insist on the truck be returned no refund will be available plus a return charge may be applied.


All goods remain the Property of the vendor until full payment has been made. For cash on delivery orders drivers are instructed to obtain payment prior to payment, you are welcome to inspect the load in the truck prior to tipping however drivers will not tip prior to payment, please do not be offended by this.

If  you are accepting this delivery on behalf of an account customer, you declare that you are authorised by the account holder to accept the product on their behalf, if it is found you are not authorised you will be personally responsible for the payment of the goods at the Recommended retail price.

Delivery Acceptance:

I acknowledge that I am authorised to receive the goods ordered and acknowledge receipt of the goods are as per ordered (Please see overleaf details of order), I also accept the delivery conditions listed above and acknowledge by responsibilities and liabilities in relation to the effecting of the delivery.