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40mm River Pebble

40mm River pebble is a beautiful smooth pebble in mixed natural shades of brown. The ideal colour to complement your garden beds. Pebbles come from rivers such as the Hunter, Shoalhave, Gundagai and more




River gravel is locally sourced and a beautifully smooth rounded multi natural coloured stone. They are a perfect blend with just about everything in your garden, making them a popular choice for driveways pedestrian pathways, gardens, courtyards, as an in-organic mulch, top of pot and planter box decoration or any design feature requiring a product of natural beauty. They look beautiful wet or dry. Gravel can also be used for exposed aggregate applications; mortar and concrete mixes. For pedestrian pathways, the smaller 10mm grade is preferred by many as this provides a more stable footing to walk on.

Please note being a natural product shape and colour may vary slightly and we encourage you to pop down and inspect the product for yourself.

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