Returns Policy


A common misconception is that a refund is available to customers in all circumstances, this however is not true. Refunds are only available in certain circumstances. Due to the nature of our business in the majority of circumstances we do not offer any refunds, credits or substitutions (except when legally required.)

For example if you ordered the wrong material and its been tipped off, we do not have the ability to come and collect it, also due to our products being used in the constructions of homes we need to ensure products are not tampered with or contaminated, we must also be able to show chain of custody.

Upon arrival at the delivery address provided, customers are required to sign for the order, upon signing this the customer acknowledges they have read all the conditions on the delivery docket and accept them in full.

In the event a prior arrangement has been made for delivery to be effected without anyone being onsite, our drivers will tip/ unload at the agreed location.

We do not accept any responsibility for misunderstanding these instructions so please ensure they are clear. We always recommend placing a tarp or sign in the location as this greatly reduces any misunderstandings.


To ensure our customers have a clear and defined understanding please see below our Policy

In stock Bulk Product

 All orders for bulk products are final at time of payment or signing for account customers, regardless of when delivery is scheduled or if a truck has been loaded or not.

We DO NOT accept any returns for incorrectly ordered products, incorrect quantities eg over ordering, no longer requirements or sometimes you have simply changed your mind.

If a truck is returned to the yard (Still Loaded) for any reason and that truck has had to tip off back into our storage bins then a 20% return fee will be applied, the balance of the order will be issued as a credit only (Minus delivery fee). Should you then wish to have the order sent out again full price plus the delivery charge will be applicable.

Special Order Bulk Product

Due to limited space and the large array of products on offer some of our products are special order products. To define this any product we do not normally keep in stock and needs to ordered in is deemed in this category, these can be usually be defined by an asterisks next to the product name on our website. All special order products require payment in full prior to ordering and while all of the aforementioned conditions apply we also add that once the order is placed and paid for under no circumstances will any refund be offered, upon delivery the normal refund conditions apply.

Bagged Products

The same policy remains for Bagged product with the the following exception No exchange or credits will be offered for Cement or concrete related products this includes prodicts such as Cement, pre-mixed concrete, lime, Clay. This due to chain of responsibility in regards to builder’s warranties.


Due to the nature of turf returns are not possible, where the requirements have been met for a refund replacement rolls will be issued instead. Please note turf is always cut the day prior so any changes to quantities, delivery days need to be made an absolute minimum of 48 hours (not including weekends and public holidays) Once turf has been cut we are unable to make any adjustments to variety, quantity or delivery time frames, as such if you are unable to accept delivery we will make every attempt to place the turf elsewhere, in doing so we may need to offer discounts to the other party, a refund will then be issued minus an administration fee of 20% of the total order. In the event the turf was cut and not yet paid for then an invoice for this amount will be issued.

We understand that in life mistakes happen and life events pop up unexpectedly and when and where possible we will always aim to assist our customers as best we can. We do ask you to be reminded that regardless of the situation if the any of the above scenarios unfold we must stick to the policy.

In the event that management has agreed to postpone a delivery or order, this must be finalised with 4 weeks of the original order or the order may either be classified as abandoned or may have additional charges applied due to increases in product and other charges.

This policy has been drafted in consultation with NSW Fair Trading. Shantana will always adhere to the Fair Trading ACT of 1987 and its amendments. Refunds will only be offered were required by the ACT