Returns Policy

Returns Policy

A common misconception is that a refund is available to customers in all circumstances, this however is not true. Refunds are only available in certain circumstances. Due to the nature of our business sometimes we just cant accept returns (except were is legally required.) For example you ordered the wrong sand and its been tipped off, we do not have the ability to come and collect it, also due to our products being used in the constructions of homes we need to ensure products are not tampered with or contaminated.

In a nut shell the below policy can be summed up simply as ensure you have double checked your measurements, checked that you will be ready to accept delivery and that you are confident that what your ordering is what you want or need, as cancelling may result in offence and cause you to be out of pocket.

To ensure our customers have a clear and defined understanding please see below our Policy

Bulk Product: All orders for bulk products are final at time of payment or signing for account customers.

We DO NOT accept any returns for incorrectly ordered products, incorrect quantities eg over ordering, no longer requirements or sometimes you have simply changed your mind.

If a truck is returned to the yard for any reason and that truck has had to tip off back into our storage bins then a 20% reloading fee plus additional delivery will be applied.

We actively encourage customers to check the delivery prior to the delivery being tipped off to ensure you are getting what you want, once the load is tipped we will not accept any returns should it not be what you expected.

Bagged Products:  The same policy remains for Bagged product with the the following exception No exchange or credits will be offered for Cement or concrete related products due to chain of responsibility in regards to builder’s warranties.

In a nut shell we do not offer refunds or credits for change of mind, incorrect ordering, over or under ordering. Refunds and exchanges are only offered in accordance with NSW Consumer law which states a refund is only valid if the product or service is not what was ordered, is not fit for purpose (we must know the purpose for this) or is faulty/ damaged.

Turf: Due to the nature of turf returns are not feesable, where the requirements have been met for a refund replacement rolls will be issued instead. Please note turf is always cut the day prior so any changes to quantities, delivery days need to be made an absolute minimum of 48 hours (not including weekends and public holidays) Once turf has been cut we are unable to make any adjustments to variety, quantity or delivery time frames.

We understand that in life mistakes happen and when and were possible we will always aim to assist our customers, please note though if a product needs to be returned for over ordering we will only offer a store credit of a maximum of 50% of the initial price of the item less any delivery or handling fee, if we are required to pick up the item an additional loading and pickup fee will be applied to the order. This is done solely at Managements discretion and will done on a case by case basis

This policy has been drafted in consultation with NSW Fair Trading. Shantana will always adhere to the Fair Trading ACT of 1987 and its amendments. Refunds will only be offered were required by the ACT