Turf Supplies

Shantana is proud to be an accredited  Lawn Solutions Centre.

That sound great but what does that actually mean, well in a nut shell it means you can buy from us with 100% confidence that you are getting 100% genuine DNA Certified turf. I know what your thinking now why is that important, its important to ensure your getting what you paid for its the same as watches you can purchase the genuine watch which has expert watchmakers making it or you can get a cheap knock off, in the beginning they both look the same but will theknock off stand the test of time.

The same goes for Genuine Lawn Solutions turf, decades of research has gone into the turf varieties and you also get the after sales support that you wont get from Non DNA certified turfs.

As always if you have any questions what so every don’t hesitate to give one of friendly staff a call on 1300742682



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